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Professional, compact & safe wood chippers
Ever since 1999, Jo Beau products® has been the original designer and manufacturer of the complete range of Jo Beau products® machines.
Product range

Jo Beau products® presents: Greenknives®.
Greenknives® is a revolutionary solution in the world of scarifiers!
The patented Greenknives® system is specially designed to make it easier for the user if the knives are becoming dull.
The knives can be turned 90° in a jiffy, and this can be carried out up to 4 times without having to disassemble the ax! The Greenknives® knife pockets are available in various models that make it possible to use the Greenknives® on all brands of professional scarifiers. The result is unprecedented time saving!
The knives are made of hardened steel, which offers extreme durability.
Jo Beau products® guarantees a minimum of 400 hour's lifetime per knife!
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