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Professional, compact & safe wood chippers
Ever since 1999, Jo Beau products® has been the original designer and manufacturer of the complete range of Jo Beau products® machines.
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Since he was a young boy, Jozef Beauprez has had a penchant for creation, design and development.

During his career, evolving from die builder to entrepreneur, his philosophy has always been to design and distribute simple yet high-quality products.
Jozef likes excellence.

Slowly but surely is the motto.

After having completed his education as a die builder and accumulating a few years of experience, he set off as an independent businessman in 1988 to start repairing and selling gardening machines in Bruges.

In 1992, Jozef built his first universal catcher for mini tractors.
This heralds the beginning of a long series of original products, as there are: lawn aerators, levelling systems for single axle vehicles, dumpers for caterpillar vehicles, etc.


In 1999, the first Jo Beau® wood chipper was launched on the market.
It was mounted on a Walker ride-on mower.
Yet another an original product was created, for never before had such model been designed.

Since the wood chipper worked incredibly well, Jozef envisaged to create an autonomous model. So he decided to go back to his drawing board.

He started cutting, drilling and welding in his workshop and a little while later, the first M300 with 13 hp Honda gasoline engine was born.

The train had left the station and Jo Beau® started running full speed.
The M300 was a success and smaller as well as larger models were built: the M200, the M400 and the M500.

The shop was becoming too small as the sales of wood chippers took an unexpected positive turn.
So the business got split-up and Jozef’s 2 sons, Vincent and Christophe, were involved in the company.

Jozef moved in 2003, in order to open a new 650 m˛ building where he could start the company “Jo Beau products®”. Three years later, the company moved to more spacious surroundings (1800 m˛).



Jozef imagines, designs and builds all products by himself.

With the help of Pascal (head of the welding department), Jozef and Christophe can now devote all their time to the construction of what has become an entire range of wood chippers.

Today, Jo Beau products® exports merchandise to the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Germany, etc.

The company is currently providing employment to 8 people and its volume has almost tripled.

Since the beginning of 2007, Bruno Peeters, the Export Manager, has joined the team (

The fully automatic stump grinder, which took three months to develop, is yet another of Jozef’s huge successes and you can take our word for it if we tell you that he still has plenty of brilliant ideas left for the future.

Jo Beau products® is a dynamic, creative and progressive company with an extremely motivated team. Therefore, we have a positive outlook for the future.

Thank you, team.



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