fixed knife complete G-set-107F - Ø 30mm

Greenknives Scarifier knife - fix


Greenknives® are the scarifier knives, designed inhouse and patented by Jo Beau®.

These revolutionary Greenknives® guarantee a much longer working time thanks to its 'star shaped knife system', guaranteeing an unlikely long shelf live. Moreover, we guarantee a never seen time saving. The Greenknives® are composed of one knife holder and 2 knives. Only loosen the nut 1/2 turn and rotate the knife 1/4 turn is enough. In this way the knife axle does not need to be disassembled any more to change the knives.

The Greenknives® can be assembled on many professional brands of scarifiers. They are available in fixed and loose versions. Our aim is to offer always simple, high quality and maintenance friendly products to the customer.

Technical specifications


Dimensions (LxW)
200 x 50 mm (7.87 x 1.96 In)
Mounting hole
Ø 30 mm (1.18 In)
Steel Thickness
3 mm (0.12 In)