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Pioneer in compact, professional gardening machines

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We invented it… solutions to your unique needs!

Jo Beau® is the original designer and manufacturer of the complete spectrum of machines of Jo Beau® since 1998.

As innovating Belgian high-quality designer and manufacturer of professional garden machines, including wood chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers, Jo Beau® wishes to launch products on the market distinguishing in items of ‘ergonomics’, ‘time saving’ and ‘maintenance friendly’.
Consequently, 'Great in nature' can be considered in the widest sense. ‘Great in nature!’, but also ‘Naturally great!’

'Made in Belgium' or 'Engineered in Belgium' is a quality property that not many of our competitors can assert and that secures our top-position on the market.
Jo Beau products® is a dynamic, creative and innovating family company with a highly motivated team. We are looking forward to the future with a very positive approach.