Buy or rent a stump grinder? We'll get you started ...

Friday 08 March 2019
If you start your own tree care business, and regularly have trees that need to be removed, buying a stump grinder is a good investment.
Renting a stump grinder is another option if you do not find it practical to buy one. Unlike renting, when 'shopping' you have to take a few factors into account, because this is an investment that you will want to make good use of for years to come

I . A compact or larger stump grinder?

II . What power should your stump grinder have?

  • Of course you want as much power as possible for your budget. Don't settle for a machine that's too light, because one day you will regret not having chosen those few horsepower more. But also make sure the machine is not too bulky and big, because then you will miss out on many projects in gardens with narrow entrances. Jo Beau always combines high horsepower in a compact robust design. Find out more here.

III . Which grinder disc diameter do you need?

  • The grinder disc of your stump grinder also scales with the power of the device. There is a big chance that your disc will be larger as the power increases and more teeth are provided. Greenteeth® grinding teeth are the best choice of grind teeth for your stump grinder. They guarantee a long service life and thus save you a lot of money in maintenance.

IV . The weight of your stump grinder

  • Like size, the weight of your stumpgrinder will play a major role in your working comfort and overall ability. It is important that the design of the stump grinder is designed in proportion to the work to be done. The strength of the construction should match the power of the stumpgrinder. Adapted transport may therefore be recommended!

V . Which grinding depth do you require?

  • You want to be able to cut a tree stump deep enough to prevent it from sprouting. How deep you go depends on the diameter of the stump. A machine should easily be able to mill 35cm below the level. For larger diameters you should mill to a depth of 40 - 50 cm.

VI . Price?


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