Due to its innovative spirit, Jo Beau launches every year new products, such as the unique scarifier V460 equipped with the Greenknives®-scarifier knives patented by us. This robust scarifier with its Jo Beau pro-scarifier technology™ is very user friendly and can be personalised according to your specifications and wishes. An indispensable element in your machinery as garden contractor or rental company!

Keep your lawn healthy with the Jo Beau scarifier!

Upon mowing the lawn, al lot of clippings are always left on the lawn. This layer, composed of dead grass, leaves, moss and felt, gets thicker and harder, and consequently air cannot reach the grass roots anymore and your grass will grow less. The Jo Beau scarifier helps to solve this problem, before this damaging layer can get thick and hard. The scarifier eliminates this layer from the lawn, and consequently the grass roots get again access to the required air, water and nutrients.

The Jo Beau scarifier: Proceed as follows!

The Jo Beau scarifier is robust, compact and agile thanks to its swivel wheels. The big advantage is that you do not need to rise the device, since the scarifier moves simply around its axle. Furthermore the scarifier can be stored and transported easily: the steer can be folded up easily, and the device fits perfectly in your car trunk, occupying very few storeroom. Moreover, the knife axle can be disassembled very easily as well. This knife axle is positioned between both front wheels and consequently fits smoothly in the slope of the lawn without damaging it. Finally the robust Jo Beau scarifier is equipped with a strong metal chassis, wheels scrapers and high- quality aluminium wheels.

A scarifier of Jo Beau: top performance!

Almost every Jo Beau scarifier can be personalised with custom-made options, including:

  • Unseen quality
  • Optimal agility thanks to swivel castors
  • Dismountable and 4 times rotating Greenknives®
  • Available with fixed or loose knives
  • Very compact
  • Ideal for renting companies
  • Inhouse design and manufacturing
  • CE-certified

Questions? Contact us here! Our specialist are at your disposal!
Jo Beau® pro-scarifier technology™