Farewell to the trees!
In its first designs with the Jo Beau Pro-Grinder technology™ Jo Beau has focussed on the hard work when grinding tree stumps. Therefore we have launched a very strong and compact stump grinder, in an inventive way produced in two separate parts, minimising the physical effort during the grinding works. An indispensable element in your machinery!

Choosing the Jo Beau stump grinders

To reduce the physical effort during the grinding, Jo Beau invented a way to make the stump grinders from two separate parts: a strong chassis that stands still, with a rotating grinding arm above. In this way the resistance regarding the user is minimised. An innovative and unique concept in the world of stump grinding! Jo Beau offers manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic stump grinders. Our stump grinders are designed on site and are manufactured of solid and high- quality materials. As a supplement for our inhouse designed stump grinders we use the Greenteeth® teeth, imported by Jo Beau, on our devices.

The Jo Beau stump grinder: the advantages in a nutshell

Almost every Jo Beau stump grinders can be personalised with several custom-made options, including:

  • Minimised resistance for the user
  • Premium ergonomics by the unique two-part chassis & the changeable steering
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Very compact
  • Big working area
  • Inhouse design and manufacturing
  • Safe use
  • 100% Belgian stump grinders

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Jo Beau® pro-grinder technology™