B37-110 RC stump grinder

Fully automatic stumpgrinder with remote control

  • Power 37 Hp (EFI)
  • Full automatic control
  • Max. grinding width 1100 mm (43.31 In)
  • Remote control


If you are looking for a stump grinder with wireless remote control, the B37-110 RC is the machine for you. The radio control controls the driving and complete operation of the machine. The machine comes with a charger and extra battery for the radio and a cable for direct connection.
On the stump grinder itself there will be a 'console' where the components - necessary for the radio control - will be mounted as well as the basic controls in case the spare battery is not nearby and it is empty in the radio.

The machine is equipped with a powerful ecological EFI motor & a specially developed grinding disc 'GrinDisc™’, equipped with 12 Greenteeth 900-series teeth.
On the B37-110 RC the user -depending on the hardness of the stump- choses to let the grinding disc lower automatically 2,5 cm, both at the left and the right, resulting in an unexcelled working speed on a device of its category!
Here are some examples of the performance (average values):
› ø300 mm: 3,5 min
› ø600 mm: 9 min
› ø1000 mm: 30 min

Jo Beau developed the 'GrinDisc™’-grinding wheel, resulting in a bigger centrifugal force and helping the engine to gain force to maintain a stable speed.

Furthermore, the B37-110 RC is now standard equipped with the Vanguard EFI two cylinder petrol engine according to the most recent ecological technology. EFI means “electrical petrol injection". The controlled petrol injection is coupled to the load of the engine, resulting in several advantages:
› More torque, higher performance under load
› More stable speed
› 25% less petrol consumption
› Better combustion with less emission
› No choke anymore
› Less noise
› No leaking carburettor during transportation

All Jo Beau machines are built according to the valid European guidelines and dispose of a CE-certificate. All machines are supplied with manual and component list.

✓ Compact for transportation
✓ Hydraulic full-automatic control and self-propelled
✓ Wireless radio control
✓ 2,5 cm reduction for each tilt side
✓ EFI petrol engine
✓ GrinDisc™ grinding wheel
✓ Wide caterpillars for big stability
✓ Only 74 cm wide
✓ Teeth 3 x 120°, can be rotated and ground again
✓ The machine is equipped with 3 lifting eyes
✓ International patent


Technical specifications


Max. working width
1100 mm (43.30 In)
Max. grinding depth
500 mm (19.68 In) (380mm (14.96 In) with scraperplate option)
Max. grinding height
500 mm (19.68 In)
Full-automatic - remote control


Brand & type
B&S Vanguard - 2 cyl. 4-stroke
27,6 kW (37 Hp)
Petrol engine - EFI (electric fuel injection)
8,9 L/h - 3600 RPM
Noise level Lw (A)
105 dB(A)


Dimensions (LxWxH)
1370 x 740 x 1500 mm (53.94 x 29.13 x 59.10 In)
610 kg (1344.82 Lbs)
Drive traction
Hydraulic - tracks > 0-1,5 km/h
Fuel supply
Removable metal jerrycan 20L
Powder-coated steel
Grinding Technology
Jo Beau® grindertechnology™ - 'GrinDisc™’
Greenteeth® 900, 12 pcs
Grindwheel diameter
460 mm (18.11 In)
Disc transmission
Triple industrial V-belts on electromagnetic coupling
Operating mode
Remote control


Protection guards
Work lighting - set
Set mudguards
Scraper plate