Jo Beau, since 1998 ‘great in nature’, is the original designer of the Jo Beau Drumtechnology™.
Since its beginning, the originally Belgian family company has been striving towards ‘manufacturing to perfection’. Jo Beau applies the standard and this fact can be found in the garden machines we are offering. All our garden machines are robust, safe, innovative and of high quality. And this fact is well known in the meantime! Jo Beau has today a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of professional garden machines and has established itself as a pure innovator for mobile chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers. Regardless the desired capacity, Jo Beau has the products, the experience and the knowledge matching the functional specifications of your project!

Here you will find some highlights since the creation of Jo Beau.


Both today and in the future, Jo Beau is working continuously on innovations and improvements for existing and new machines, focussed on the future. Listening to the marked, the dealer, the user, Jo Beau is monitoring permanently the existing standards!

  • Simplicity
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality
  • Working capacity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Service
  • Innovation

January 2023

Jo Beau is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!
It will be a promising year in which we will present some spectacular novelties. Keep an eye on us!

January 2021

Jo Beau launches a complete summer line to complete its range!
The Landscaper-Line is born!
Scarifiers, landscape edgeres and cable pullers, aerators, a seeder, a turf cutter, a leaf blower, a rough-terrain mower and a wood splitter join the Jo Beau range. Read more about it here


January 2020

Jo Beau doubles its guarantee!
Jo Beau gave his professional line of wood chippers a new reinforced design, the 'Next Generation'. That's why Jo Beau offers you as a customer the chance to double your standard warranty period by simply registering your machine online. Read more here.

December 2019

Jo Beau presents its range of professional 'Next Generation' chippers! A thorough optimisation and a new design make the machines even stronger. Read more here.


October 2014

October 2014 is a historical moment in the company Jo Beau®, when the youngest son Christophe Beauprez takes over the company. From then on strategies are revised, vision and mission are sorted out, but above all the values and standards, providing previously the good and well-deserved reputation of Jo Beau and the growth of the company, are continued!

April 2014

In April 2014 Jo Beau repeats the extension works, with additional 700m². Production and storage halls now occupy approximately 2500m².


September 2013

In September 2013 Jo Beau was developing his V460 scarifier. But the patent applications for the Greenknives™ scarifier knives, developed by Jo Beau, had been presented on time. Initially, the Greenknives™ were developed for the complete garden machine sector. The knife supports are not only available in fixed and loose version, but also in two different dimensions, matching on all brands of scarifiers. Here you can find more information.


E100 & M100 Garden-line

June 2008

Previously that year, Jo Beau presented his first stump grinder, the Jo Beau 'B31-110 full-automatic stump grinder'.
But this development brought more success than only an exclusive, innovative stump grinder. Jo Beau became in one stroke importer/distributor of the American Greenteeth®-products. The progressive grinding teeth and the corresponding holders and bolts are inseparable since the beginning of the Jo Beau stump grinders. The complete spectrum you can find here.


March 2006

Only three years after the last extension, Jo Beau is planning again to move to a building that is even bigger. This time a surface of 1800m² must fit the planned extension of the production. The building is situated in the Kon. Astridlaan in Bruges.

December 2005

The first intelligent wood chipper in Bruges-Japanese.
In December 2005 Jo Beau was visited by the Honda-management from Japan. The brand-new Honda IGX440-engine with electronic control unit, based on eight years of research, functioned the first time perfectly on the M300 wood chipper, a new own development of Jozef Beauprez that amazed the Japanese management.

July 2003

The production is obtaining volumes that do not fit anymore in the existing premises, and Jo Beau is planning to move into a 650m² big building in Bruges. There the company can expand again and create a healthy growth.




March 1998

Jo Beau products® was founded in 1998 within the company Beauprez & Perneel, an important player on the market of horticulture and forestry machines in its area. In periods with low sales volumes, the executive director took place at his design table to express his creativity. It all started with the first chipper, the M300 with Honda 13pk petrol engine, today still a premium model in the spectrum