You have a scarifier, and you are tired to change the knife axle each time and after few working hours? In that case Jo Beau has the solution! Greenknives™ are the scarifying knives designed and patented by Jo Beau. The Greenknives™ are initially designed for all garden machines. We have different knife holders, always equipped with assemble holes with six sides, with diameters of 25mm and 30mm. Several brands also dispose of axles with six sides on their scarifiers with the above-mentioned dimensions. Each JO BEAU scarifier is standard equipped with Greenknives™ knifes. The innovation consists in the fact that the Greenknives™ are composed of knife holders and knives. The knives have four sharp sides. When a side is blunt, the knives can be simply turned 1/4 rotation on the knife holder, without having to disassemble the axle. This results in two unique features: a much higher performance, because the knifes resist three times as much working hours, and an unseen time saving (that is to say: cost saving).

The Jo Beau Greenknives™ scarifier knives: A summary of the advantages!

  • Unseen cost saving
  • Ergonomic changing of (only) the knives
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Universal dimensions
  • Inhouse design and production
  • Very safe

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