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Jo Beau has a very strong reputation as manufacturer of professional garden machines and has become in the meantime an innovator with regard to mobile chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers. Small or big machines, no problem, Jo Beau has the products, experience and knowledge matching the functional needs of your projects. High-quality machines, robust, safe and innovative are some of the core competences the company is striving for!

Own design, R&D, quality checks, test and production are the base of the growth of Jo Beau during the last years. From designing, developing, making prototypes till manufacturing, packing and storing: everything is done in Bruges.
One of the strongest points is that almost every Jo Beau machine can be personalised with different custom-made options for the user!

'During and after the design of a new machine, we listen to the market, to the future users. In this way we foresee options the customer can install on his Jo Beau device, according to his specifications. From a maintenance controller, until a high rotative discharge pipe or jerrycan to avoid spilling. Sometimes simple things, with which the user can work a bit easier.’

Jo Beau aims high! The Jo Beau chipping knives are an example. The ‘planing principle’ is at the base of the Jo Beau® Drum technology™. To guarantee a long service life for the knives chipping into the wood, constantly at a speed that cannot be followed, Jo Beau has designed a sophisticated manufacturing section. The steel type, the hardening and the design are at the origin of the high-quality knives. The 2 hardened knives chipping the branches and the leaves against the fibre direction (Jo Beau® Drum Technology™), function as a 'planing ' principle, chipping the wood in small uniform wood chips. The wood chips can be used perfectly as decoration (floor covering), composting, ground fertilisation and biofuel. The Original Jo Beau knives are identifiable thanks to the engraved brand name, knife type and the unique serial number.

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Jo Beau 'Next Generation'

Jo Beau gave his professional line of wood chippers a new reinforced design, the 'Next Generation'. Curious?
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