Buy or rent a wood chipper? Some tips at a glance!

wednesday 28 november 2018
Would you like to buy a wood chipper or would you rather rent a wood chipper from a local rental company? How to make the best choice?

I . Which diameter of branches and trimmings do you want to chip?

  • You have a lot of pruning waste, but the maximum diameter of the branches goes up to a maximum of 8cm (3.15 In) for example, then you should keep in mind that you buy or rent a device that can handle this diameter. The power of the shredder plays an important role, but also a sufficiently large infeedopening is important.
    However, oversizing is not necessary. In this specific example, a 13 HP Jo Beau model M250 or M300 (depending on private or professional use) would suffice. Of course there are also the tractor & hydraulic models as well.

II . Which chipping system is best for you?

  • Be sure to look at the chipping capacity of wood chips per hour, because there are big differences! In terms of working speed, durability & return on investment, the Jo Beau wood chippers with the Jo Beau Drum Technology™ is the best shredding system you can choose for.
    The Jo Beau Drum Technology™ is also known for not blocking the knife drum, for example in the case of a transverse piece of branch in the infeed hopper.
    We challenge you to do the test yourself!

III . How intensively do you need your wood chipper?

  • Are you a demanding garden lover with green fingers or a professional who counts on the daily performance of your garden machines?
    There is a suitable device for each user group. Don't make the mistake of purchasing an underweight device according to your profile. You'll certainly complain about it in the short term.
    Be well informed about the available models. This will benefit you in the upcoming years.

IV . Do you choose a petrol, electric, hydraulic or tractor driven wood chipper?

  • Today, the wood shredders with petrol engine are the most popular. But the possibilities are much wider than that.
    If you want to be able to manoeuvre through any door or garden gate with your wood chipper, it is best to choose a compact, robust wood shredder with petrol or electric engine.
    Do you have a tool carrier/wheel loader such as an Avant, Bobcat, MultiOne, Giant, Weidemann, Norcar or any other brand? Then a hydraulic drum chipper will certainly be close to your needs.
    For the tractor owner there is also the shaft/cardan driven PTO chopper in different categories. And on top of that Jo Beau also has the R300 which is powered by a monoaxle/front axle like a Rapid, but also offers the W300, powered by the shaft/cardan of the Walker zero turn front mower.

V . What is the ratio of branches to light green waste?

  • We don't have to make it difficult at all... A wood chipper chips 'wood'
    But the reality is different! From the 'home gardener' to the professional garden contractor, they all have to deal with the fine green waste that comes with pruning trees and shrubs, such as leaves.
    If you have a lot of green, make sure you include some branches in the wood chipper as well. The chips take the shredded green waste through the ejector chute, directly into the trailer.
    Cypresses and Christmas trees are a good example of this. It is best to feed these with the green first in the shredder. The woodiest part of the tree comes last and takes the green through the ejector tube.

VI . Should the chipper be self-propelled or not self-propelled?

  • The areas where you are active with tree pruning can be a decisive factor in choosing a self-propelled wood chipper. A swampy, uneven and/or hilly terrain requires an unstoppable powerhouse. By means of a hydraulic drive and equipped with tyres with tractor profile you can drive the device like the M500 everywhere.
    A high trailer or truck with pick-up can also help determine the choice.
    The M500 can be customized up to about 2 meter (6.56 ft) high discharge of the wood chips.