Getting your garden ready for spring. These tips will help you on your way

Saturday 21 March 2020
Everybody looks forward to it every year! Spring! On the 21st of March, winter is really over and it's that beautiful time when we can enjoy our garden and terrace a bit more. In spring it tickles to go outside and take care of the garden. With Jo Beau's handy machines this is a piece of cake.

I . Clean your garden

a) Cutting & Pruning

  • March is the ideal month to prune your roses, hydrangeas & fruit trees. This promotes new growth. You process the branches and green waste with a Jo Beau wood chipper.

b) Milling away (old) tree trunks

  • Now is the right time to cut tree stumps with a Jo Beau stump grinder. After milling you can overseed this place with grass seed.

c) Weed removal

  • Because of the spring sun the weeds are growing steadily and will already form flowers and seeds. Therefore, be prepared to spread the weeds and quickly start weeding these unwanted guests in the garden.

d) Remove all dead flowers and branches

  • It is best to clean the flower beds and the lawn by clearing any leaves and branches. You can do this with a rake, but on larger lawns the leaves can be sucked up with a lawnmower or ride-on mower.

II . Mowing, aerating and fertilizing the lawn

a) Mowing the lawn

  • Grass begins to grow from 5 to 6 degrees. With the current temperatures it is therefore time for the first mowing.

b) Lawn scarifying (also read this blog)

  • If a layer of felt has formed, scarify the grass again with a professional scarifier that you can either buy or rent. After mowing and scarifying you can fertilise the soil.

c) Trimming grass edges

  • To let the lawn neatly into the spring, you can cut the lawn edges once.

III . Sowing

a) Spring bulbs

  • Spring bulbs make the border a cheerful spring feast. Plant exhausted daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips and other spring bloomers who have already done their work in the house, therefore outside in the border. Next year they will cheerfully reappear in the garden.

b) Flower seeds

  • You can already plant many summer flower seeds in the garden. In June and July, for example, you can already enjoy summer flowers.

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