Jo Beau; 20 years of innovation and quality

Thursday 28 June 2018
Jo Beau, since 1998 ‘great in nature’, is the original designer of the Jo Beau Drumtechnology™

Jo Beau, born from the passional creativity of its founder Jozef Beauprez, is known for its compact and professional garden equipment, including wood chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers. As graduated mould constructor, Jozef started in 1989 as an independent business man in Bruges (Belgium) repairing and selling garden devices. In 1992 the pace was really set, when Jozef started working with own creations, including a universal collecting system for mini tractors, dump boxes for tracked vehicles, scarifiers, etc.
In 1998 his first characteristic yellow mobile wood chipper was launched. Jo Beau was born!

It all started with the first chipper, the M300 with Honda 13pk petrol engine, today still a premium model in the spectrum. Since then, Jo Beau has marketed a full range of professional wood chippers, each time adapting the construction to the work that needs to be done. The eyecatcher of the motor-driven models is the M500 self driven wood chipper. The M500 pro-chipper has been the showpiece of the Jo Beau range for many years. It is the workhorse of the Jo Beau® range with wide tractor tires and its 24 hp Honda GX engine.
In addition to the motor-driven wood chippers, Jo Beau also offers PTO shaft and hydraulically driven models, each with the same Jo Beau Drumtechnology™.

Since 2008 Jo Beau has added compact professional stump grinders to its range. To reduce the physical effort during the grinding, Jo Beau invented the pro-grinder technology™, a way to make the stump grinders from two separate parts: a strong chassis that stands still, with a rotating grinding arm above. In this way the resistance regarding the user is minimised. An innovative and unique concept in the world of stump grinding! Jo Beau offers manual, semi-automatic and very unique full-automatic stump grinders (B13-90 / B24-100 / B31-110). Our stump grinders are designed on site and are manufactured of solid and high- quality materials. As a supplement for our inhouse designed stump grinders we use the Greenteeth® teeth, imported by Jo Beau, on our devices. Soon Jo Beau will present a 37Hp stump grinder. More news about that very soon!

Jo Beau proves for a long time that his products are extremely suitable for the rental world. Therefore Jo Beau offers the ‘M300 Rental Line’ & ‘B13-90 Rental Line’ in addition to its range, specially customized for the rental companies. Central to this special offer is simplicity of use, robust construction and minimum maintenance!

Since its beginning, the originally Belgian family company has been striving towards ‘manufacturing to perfection’. Jo Beau applies the standard and this fact can be found in the garden machines we are offering. All our garden machines are robust, safe, innovative and of high quality. And this fact is well known in the meantime! Jo Beau has today a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of professional garden machines and has established itself as a pure innovator for mobile chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers. Regardless the desired capacity, Jo Beau has the products, the experience and the knowledge matching the functional specifications of your project! 'Made in Belgium' or 'Engineered in Belgium' is a quality property that not many of our competitors can assert and that secures our top-position on the market.