Jo Beau re-launches his unique W300 wood chipper

wednesday 03 April 2019
The machine the Jo Beau story once started with! The W300 is the only wood chipper built as an accessory on the American Walker ride-on lawn mowers.

The Jo Beau W300 disappeared into the background for a while, but due to the high demand for the unique chipper, the Bruges manufacturer of professional compact wood chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers decides to re-launch the W300!
Jo Beau is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and therefore hits several birds with one stone. They return to their roots with the machine that owes the success story of Jo Beau to. The circle is complete again.

The W300 wood chipper is 100% compatible with the 'Walker' ride-on lawn mowers. In this way the expensive investment of the American zero-turn mower can be used all year round and can also be profitable during the winter period. The shredder can (just like its famous brother M300) shred up to 8 - 9cm in diameter with side branches and leaf green. Also the wood chips are collected directly in the collection bin of the mower! The knife drum is driven by the cardan of the Walker zero-turn mower. This way, the W300 wood chipper remains extremely affordable!
The W300 is a unique machine for Walker ride-on mowers for those who want to get more out of their machine!

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