Leasing your Jo Beau machine

Tuesday 31 March 2020
As a professional, you can lease commercial vehicles and other company goods.
With the purchase of gardening machinery this is no different! You can expand your machinery through leasing in order to grow your business in the short term. Leasing is a very suitable form of investment or financing for all professional green entrepreneurs, rental companies, etc.
We offer here some possibilities, also for starters and for the purchase of second-hand machines!

I . What is Leasing?

  • A lease contract is an agreement whereby operating assets are made available to a user by a leasing company for a certain period of time, for a fee agreed in advance.
  • Leasing can therefore be 100% financed. As a result, the company does not have to use its own resources to make the investment. As a result, the working capital remains intact.

II . Why lease a Jo Beau?

  • The main advantage of leasing is that the purchase amount is split over a period of 3, 4, 5 or even 6 years.
    This can, for example, reduce a shredder or stump grinder with a purchase value of 10,000€ to a monthly lease amount of less than 195€ (this price depends on the company). Working with a Jo Beau wood chipper or stump grinder will of course bring you more money than the 195€ per month.
  • By expanding your machine park with a Jo Beau high-capacity shredder or stump grinder, you will create the opportunities to attract more jobs and customers, without having to go into financial depth.

III . Lease-deal:

  • Lease-deal is a good example of an independent leasing company that helps you get the cheapest and most advantageous leasing in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Austria.
    You can calculate online and in real time your monthly lease amount for the purchase of your Jo Beau wood chipper, stump grinder or scarifier:
  1. Also for STARTERS
  2. From 2500€
  3. Also for second hand machines
  4. The trade-in value of machines to be taken over from the customer is also taken into account

More info via www.lease-deal.com

IV . Other companies:

NOTE: Jo Beau itself, does not grant leases. For that we refer to (among others) the above institutions.


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