Presentation: New Packaging

Friday 25 June 2021
Dear Jo Beau Partner,
Dealer, rental company, importer,

Jo Beau took advantage of the Covid period to develop itself further.
We are not only expanding and reorganising our production internally, but we have also paid attention to the "packaging" in which we package our Jo Beau machines for transport both within and outside the country.

Goods have to endure a lot during transport, and that is why we thought it was an area requiring attention.

The result?

We are pleased to present to you the custom-designed packaging in which the Jo Beau machines will be delivered to you from now on!

  • For all machines that come within the dimensions of a euro-pallet, we now provide a custom-made, sturdy cardboard box with lid. On the outside our logo is of course provided, but also the model and serial number of the machine that is hidden in the box.
  • For the machines that exceed the dimensions of a euro pallet, we have designed wooden crates tailored to the machines. The machine is thus very well protected against possible transport damage.

Advantages for both are:

  • Firmly protected against damage during transport
  • If nevertheless damaged, the damage is very well detectable during the delivery of the goods*.
  • In terms of professionalism, this also counts

* It is very important to check the goods and their packaging for possible damage upon delivery in order to be able to claim on the carrier's insurance. If not, the damage must be borne by the addressee.


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