Shredding and chipping: why a Jo Beau?

Thursday 29 February 2024
You can reduce your pruning waste by shredding and chipping it. The biggest advantage is that you greatly reduce the volume of your voluminous pile of pruned branches and green waste, and removing your wood chips is much faster if your branches are shredded. Jo Beau is your partner for a wood chipper. Electrically powered, or with petrol engine, hydraulic or PTO driven with your tractor? Private or professional?

What are the benefits of chipping branches?

  • Shredding ensures that bulky branches and trimmings take up less space.
  • This way, you can transport and dispose of the trimmings more easily.
  • In addition, the nice compact wood chips can be used to clean up borders and shredding residues and green waste can be used as a sustainable component for mulch and compost.

What can you shred with a Jo Beau woodchipper?

  • By using a chipper to process your trimmings, you reduce the organic material from the garden. So you have the harder branches, twigs and hedge trimmings. On the other hand, you also process the softer material such as leaves and other plant waste. It is and remains a wood chipper, so grass is not really suitable for chipping. Such garden waste is not as bulky due to its light structure and does not necessarily need to be shredded for trading or composting. If you want to get this lighter material through the chipper anyway, just add a branch and everything goes through nicely.

Best choice: electric or petrol?

  • If you have solar panels at home and a power socket nearby, then an electric woodchipper is a perfect choice.
  • With a petrol engine, you do have that little bit more power to pull in and shred slightly thicker branches.
  • Both options work very well, but is rather a personal choice person to person.

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