What typifies a good sod cutter?

wednesday 01 May 2024
You want to renew your garden or your lawn is beyond repair and wish to lay new turf? Whatever the reason may be, it is a labour-intensive job, which you need to know how best to carry out, when is the best time and what is the best method of doing it.

Reasons to remove grass and opt for turf

There are several reasons why you might want to remove your old grass from your garden.

  • The grass no longer looks healthy and neat. Bare or dead spots, poor growth and weeds are marring the garden.
  • Or you want a new look for the garden and your current lawn does not fit in with the new design.
  • You can also remove a nice-looking lawn to work sprinkling into the ground, for example, and then put the lawn back in place.

When is the best time to remove grass?

This depends on several factors including the condition of your grass and the seasons. As such, spring, summer and autumn are possible but if it is boggy due to excess rainfall, or too dry due to prolonged drought, cutting the turf can be made more difficult. Since the Jo Beau SC550 sod cutter is a four-wheel-drive machine fitted with tractor-profile tyres, you can work in challenging conditions.

How to recognise if grass needs to be removed?

There are numerous external features that grass exhibits when it will need to be removed:

  • Lots of weeds in the lawn
  • Excess moss in the lawn
  • Bald spots that do not recover, or recover with difficulty
  • Discolouration of grass
  • Other unwanted plants overgrow

Different methods of removing turf:

A small garden can possibly still be removed with a spade, but you will soon be a lot more ergonomic with a turf cutter. Because Jo Beau's SC550 is a compact machine, you can also work in smaller gardens. You drive through any door, and even a house if you have to.

How a turf cutter works?

Turf cutters are machines where a blade is moved forward and backward at a very fast pace. That blade cuts under the roots of the grass, at the depth you set on the machine. You cut in parallel strips and that way you can roll up the turf. At the end, you can also cut at right angles to create ‘tiles’.

  • Cut the lawn short
  • Check the depth settings
  • Start cutting

Want more info, or want to test the Jo Beau turf cutter yourself? You can! Contact us here.