Is Jo Beau the original designer of the compact, professional (drum) chipper?

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Since the very beginning in 1998, when the first JO BEAU chipper saw the light of day, it has been clear that JO BEAU would leave a progressive, innovative footprint in the landscape of garden machinery. The machines would be compact, mobile, professional, robust, ergonomic and, above all, safe. With a JO BEAU device, you would bring the device to work and not the other way around. There would be a large share of time savings for the user due to its flexibility as well as its minimal maintenance costs! Each device could be equipped with options tailored to each customer. JO BEAU would become the indispensable device in the machine collection of every professional. Today we can present a nice range of chippers, stump grinders and scarifiers to the general public. Important detail: everything is produced in Belgium, in particular in Bruges, the Venice of the North

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Jo Beau 'Next Generation'

Jo Beau gave his professional line of wood chippers a new reinforced design, the 'Next Generation'. Curious?
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