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Sembdner® is a German manufacturer of professional seeders, overseeders and rollers, both manual and motorised, Jo Beau being the exclusive distributor for the Belgian market. They also offer compact vegetable seeders for individuals and for the gardening sector.
The motorised seeders, offered with tree widths, are instantly converted into overseeders. Two machines in one! Thanks to the overseeder kit, you replace the front flat roll by the spike tooth roller.

The rollers can be offered both in a manual and in a motorised version. The motorised versions are available with one complete roll or with two rolls.

The vegetable seeders are compact seeding devices that are used manually. The distance of the vegetable seeds and the moving distance can be adjusted

Sembdner: A summary of the advantages!

  • Extremely solid
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Ergonomic
  • Compact
  • German quality

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