option high rotating chute M500

High adjustable discharge pipe

  • Continuously adjustable ejection direction 260°
  • 20cm higher ejection


The high rotating discharge chute is 20cm higher than the standard chute and can be easily rotated until 260° for the optimal direction. By changing the position of the ejection cap it is possible to eject until 8 to 9 meter.
If the optional detachable piece is assembled under the chute, the chute is risen with another 20cm, resulting in a blow out level of 2,40m. The unit is completely designed in high quality steel with a powder coating.

Technical specifications


Dimensions (LxWxH)
515 x 135 x 1170 mm (20.28 x 5.32 x 46.06 In)
Powder-coated steel

Jo Beau 'Next Generation'

Jo Beau gave his professional line of wood chippers a new reinforced design, the 'Next Generation'. Curious?
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