M100 Garden Line wood chipper

Garden-line | gasoline wood chipper

  • Power 4,8 Hp
  • Chipperable timberdiameter 40 mm (1.57 In)
  • Feed height 840 mm (33.07 In)
  • Width 620 mm (24.41 In)


The M100 Garden-line chipper is a compact, light, but robust chipper driven by a Honda petrol engine. The chipper has a feasible diameter of 4cm branches and a capacity of 0,89m³ wood chips/hour. The Jo Beau® drum technology™ ensures that the branches are automatically drawn into the device and the nice chips are ejected from the upper part.

The low ergonomic inlet height of 93cm and the high, strong discharge, make the Jo Beau M100 ideal for the private garden fan. Through the compact volume the wood chipper can be easily transported in a car boot. The inlet opening of the M100, due to safety reasons, is limited, however designed for a minimum resistance during inlet.

By opening the infeed hopper, a big orifice towards the knife drum housing is created. So the knives can be easily accessed for disassembly or assembly for grinding works.

All Jo Beau machines are built according to the valid European guidelines and have a CE-certificate. All machines are supplied with manual and parts list.

✓ Adapter ergonomic inlet height
✓ Very easy handling by big air tires
✓ Maintenance friendly
✓ Smooth machining of branches
✓ Hinged infeed hopper for an easy maintenance
✓ Unique Jo Beau drum technology™
✓ Ejects chips upwards✓ Robust and light
✓ Belgian Premium quality


Technical specifications


Max. recommended diameter
40 mm (1.57 In)
Capacity chips (average)
0,89 m³/h (31,43 ft³/h)
Processing speed (average)
25 m/min (82 ft/min)


Brand & type
Honda GP160 - 1 cyl. 4-stroke
3,6 kW (4,8 Hp)
Petrol engine
1,4 L/h - 3600 RPM
Noise level Lw(A)
103 dB(A)


Dimensions (LxWxH)
711 x 620 x 935 mm (27.99 x 24.41 x 36.81 In)
Feed height
840 mm (33.07 In)
Feed intake opening (LxW)
Cloverleaf shape
32 kg (70.55 Lbs)
Chipper Technology
Jo Beau® drumtechnology™
Chassis / Infeed hopper / Ejector chute
Powder-coated steel
2 hardened, reversable blades
Counter blade
1 (2x reversable)
Drum transmission
Directly on engine shaft


Maintenance alarm / Hour counter

Jo Beau 'Next Generation'

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