Are you active as a gardener in a secondary profession? Or you are a garden hobbyist? Then you are without any doubt at the right place! Jo Beau disposes of a huge offer of robust and professional chippers, always equipped with the innovating Jo Beau Drumtechnology™. The advantage? Discover them further on.

Chippers with Jo Beau Drumtechnologie™: How does this work?

The renowned Jo Beau Drumtechnology™ can be found in our Jo Beau wood chippers, ensuring the simplest and most profitable way of chipping. Thanks to its unique design, both the branches as the green can be introduced in an ergonomic way, and afterwards the unique wood chips are blown off powerfully. The most obvious features are the unmatched working speed, the ergonomics and the minimum maintenance costs. Moreover, our chippers are very compact, with a very high power. Thanks to the compact format, our chippers are fit for each small door and opening, saving a lot of time during the work, since you do not have to pass the house each time to be able to carry out your work.

All Jo Beau chippers are designed and manufactured inhouse. This also applies to our chipper knifes, integrated in the technology.

The Jo Beau chippers: invariably custom-made!

Almost every Jo Beau wood chipper can be personalised with several custom-made options, including:

  • Low introduction of the branches and leaves.
  • Automatic supply of branches and leaves.
  • The wood chips are thrown out until 8 meter.
  • Wood chippers fit for each small door or opening.

The Jo Beau wood chippers: a summary of the advantages!

  • Unseen working speed
  • Premium ergonomics
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Very compact
  • High power
  • Inhouse design and manufacturing
  • Very safe

Curious which wood chipper matches best your specifications and wishes? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Jo Beau® pro-chipper technology™